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Hi I'm 

I started my journey to a Graphic Design career fresh out of high school by completing a Certificate in Photography. While I always thought photography would be my path, it was the editing side of the course that really grabbed my attention! Learning to drive the software required to edit photos gave me a passion for technology and design software. 

I then decided that Graphic Design was for sure a fit for me.


After completing my degree in 2007 I started out working for a design and print company.

From there I went onto working for a newspaper, then another printing company, then onto designing for apparel AND THEN took a major leap into the sign writing world...

Some would say I jumped around a bit, but I wanted to try everything that Graphic Design had to offer so that one day I could start my own business and offer the complete package! 


So here we are, 10 years of learning as much as I could and taking some big risks lead me to start Nile Design in 2017. 

My real world experience has made me a confident designer ready to take on any challenge!

Having a design created can be daunting for some so I will do everything I can to ask the right questions to eliminate errors and get it right from the beginning. I want the best for all my clients, I want them to be proud of how their designs look and I want them to know that I am 100% passionate about their project.

So thats my story (well some of it), thanks for reading!


Esther McKay

Director, Nile Design

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